Adult Coloring Book Treasury 110 Illustrations from 55 Artists

Meet the Artists

C. L. Aldridge is an artist/illustrator, and former corporate professional. She published her first book in January 2016. A favorite of colorists on social media, her second book is due in March 2016. She makes her home in Virginia Beach, VA.

Tabitha Barnett lives with her husband and two small children. In September she published her first coloring book and the adult coloring community welcomed her with open arms. With each new work, she is developing her own easily recognizable style.

Heidi Berthiaume found few detailed, story-based coloring books, so decided to publish her own. Vintage Coloring curates monthly adult coloring books of bygone art. Free pages posted on Fridays. Heidi is a Copic Certified Designer and author living in N. Texas.

Grace Brannigan lives in upstate New York. She writes romance, Young Adult, children's picture books, Mandala art books, coloring books and journals. Her various coloring books range from Mandalas, geometric to vintage art. www.ColoringBooksForAdults.Info

Heather Burns is an American graphic artist and illustrator now living in Ireland. Her first coloring book is State Flowers of the USA which you can find on my website. More are on the way!

Manja Burton (Hattifant) I am most passionate about paper art and crafts. My art addresses several generations with the goal to craft and colour together, to create in order to share, to inspire and nurture imagination. All this in combining colouring & crafting.

Deborah Carney I love nature. I love photography. I love art. My coloring books combine all three. I am not a fan of hard lines or crisp black & white. My images are based in nature & are heavy in gray & softer lines. I love seeing your vision for the images I create.

Maria Castro The Color My Moods Coloring Books for Adults, Day and Night series offers beautiful designs to color according to your mood. Stress-relieving mandalas are laid out from simple to intricate, with white and black background.

Sue Chastain is the artist for the OrnaMENTALs series of coloring books and pages. OrnaMENTALs are available as books on and digital download pages on Sue's illustration style is a perfect balance of whimsy and precision.

Anisa Claire The AbsurD coloring books are cartoon based humor containing wild and wacky characters in bizarre settings. They come in a full activity version or a just coloring version, and there are five titles in the series so far with more in the works.

Creative Coloring Books for Adults Everyone loves to color in our world! Our coloring books are designed to spark the inner artist that resides in each and every one of us. Our coloring books contain mandalas, repeating patterns, and themed coloring pages created to be relaxing and fun.

Hannah D'Agostino is a British freelance artist, textiles and fashion designer, living in California. Her inspiration draws from her everyday experiences and international background. She will have her first two books out in 2016.

Katie Darden is an autodidact - self taught in nearly everything. Her images are either digitally created or digitally manipulated from her original artwork. She & her hubby live on the far NorCal redwood coast, but spend the rainiest season on the Sea of Cortez.

Samantha J. Decker is a professional illustrator who loves fantasy, mythology, and storytelling. Past work includes character design, novel covers, and illustrating children's books. Her art features whimsical fairies, fantastic beasts of lore, and cute creatures.

Becky Dinnage creates Ludicrous Prints: Intricately illustrated bright, colourful, pattern filled, fantastical animal inspired art prints and self published colouring pages. She is one of the featured Artists in Amelia's Colourful Colouring Companion.

Melissa Dinwiddie is a passion pluralite artist, speaker and creativity instigator, on a mission to help people turn their creative taps to the "on" position, and live full-color creative lives. Get her free Full-Color Life Starter Kit and more on her website.

Nick Dolan is the world's foremost hyperdimensional macaroni noodle artist. His illustrations create bizarre visionary worlds through conglomerations of organic curves and squiggles. His drawing style is unmistakable and his artistic trances, unbreakable.

Kelly Dombrowski has drawn all of her life. A fine art painter, she is now designing and publishing her line of adult coloring books. After coloring for 30 minutes one stressful day, with a marker, she was completely stress-free! The Coloring Book Nut was born!

Olivia Julius Dunggat is a Malaysia-based illustrator and self-taught artist who works mainly with black fineliners to illustrate whimsical tribal doodles. She draws inspiration from the rich cultural background of her tribe, Iban of Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo).

Sheila Dunn is a Christian artist from Pennsylvania. She's thrilled with the coloring trend, because she's passionate about encouraging others to use their creativity. In addition to art, she enjoys poetry and has taught groups about writing haiku.

Kim A. Flodin A Recommended TOP ADULT COLORING BOOK ARTIST by Adult Coloring Worldwide, an artist, and energy healer, Kim's art is filled with healing energy, lots of love and positive, joyful intentions. Highly recommended for those with anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, chronic stress and anger issues.

Deleena Foster is a wife and mother and specializes in motherhood themed zentangle or zendoodle artwork. Being a wife and mother is her inspiration for her artwork. She thinks that a mother, as much as any person, deserves to take a break and relax with a beautiful coloring page.

Cristin April Frey If you have a bit of "sassitude", you will love Cristin's hand-drawn snarky pages. Also known as Queen Sassy, Cristin resides in upstate New York with her husband, teenage daughter, two rescue dogs, and a lot of coffee and wine. When she's not working, she can be found still working.

Deb Gilbert is a professor of education. She spends much of her time designing journals and adult coloring books. She designed her coloring books for everyone, but she keeps in mind her fellow chronic pain sufferers and wishes them many hours of active engagement and peace. Color in peace: Relax, Release, Renew.

Lindsay Graves Art focuses mainly on nature as the subject designed in lines and doodles. Lindsay has been drawing in this particular style since 2003 but has only recently started creating coloring pages for all ages.

Amelia Gregory is trained as a printed textile designer. She began Amelia's Magazine in 2004 and has self-published 4 illustration books. Mouse Run features in the collaborative Amelia's Colourful Colouring Companion and Cats in Balloons is the start of a new series.

Whitney Grimes is a coloring page artist. Her 2016 book "NYC Scenes" is her first coloring book for adults. Located in the East Village, Manhattan, Whitney sketches from photographs taken at a few of her favorite places.

Jason Hamilton is a software engineer who draws as a relaxing hobby after a stressful day at the office. Visit his website to see his complete line of books as well as tutorials and free illustrations you can print and color.

Kate Harper is a humorous greeting card and gift designer in Berkeley, California. She has a B.A and M.A. in Art Therapy and has taught a variety of adult education art classes throughout the San Francisco bay area.

Laura Iancu is a passionate artist, author, psychologist, and crazy cat person. Her wonderfully creative mandalas feature flowers, animals, and objects. Each of her therapeutic designs was specially created for a positive and soothing coloring experience.

Alice Best Jackson is a recovering divorce lawyer, author, intuitive abstract artist, and proud grandma. Art by Ali images magically appear when colored. Imagery From Beyond Coloring Book series is on Amazon; digital prints in Etsy store: Imagery From Beyond.

Heather Land I grew up in Caledonia, Illinois and am currently living near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have two great passions in life: art and animals. My work combines my passions together, and it brings me great joy to share my work with people all over the world.

Josephine Charlene Lipuma is a contemporary American artist, author, online educator, SME, and poet. Josephine earned her MFA from The Electronic Visualization Lab at University of Illinois. Her practice includes drawing, painting, interactive media, time-based photography/video/film, and performance.

Jenny Luan is an artist specializing in fine art illustration and painting. Jenny's work has won first place in art contests such as Colored Pencil Magazine. Jenny takes pride in every piece she produces and hopes you will enjoy all her coloring books.

Inge Dagmar Manders is a Dutch born fine artist living in South Africa. Specializing in oil paint on 23k gold, sterling silver and copper leaf that are embellished with precious and semi precious gem stones. I have exhibited in various galleries internationally and am concentrating on creating a series of adult colouring books. These books will depict my love for cats, horses and the mythical animals.

Nerine Martin's passion is to help Military Veterans, Men and Women, living with anxiety and depression. She created her 'Mindfulness' series of adult coloring books in the hope that coloring will de-stress, bring joy and calm to all that color her designs.

Mary-Margaret Marx loves design, patterns, and color. When she is not coloring the world, Mary writes and tutors students. She lives in the Midwest where she thinks about life, explores books on her Kindle, and pursues her next great cup of coffee.

Deborah L. McDonald began creating illustrations for adults to color in 2003. Believing that, "You Are Never Too Old To Color", she has since been focused on perfecting her designs, compiling them into coloring book collections.

Ligia Ortega has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. This book is her first foray into adult coloring books. The Coloring Gifts book series combines coloring for enjoyment with taking time to pause and reflect about positive things in our busy lives.

James A. Owen has been an author and illustrator for more than a quarter-century, and specializes in finely-detailed pen and ink art. His most prominent works are the graphic novel STARCHILD and the YA series THE CHRONICLES OF THE IMAGINARIUM GEOGRAPHICA.

Carolin D. Palmer is an artist & author. Her workis inspired by her Nova Scotia roots. She is an eclectic energetic person with a passion to create. Carolin hopes her books will inspire you too. You can find her on Facebook at "Coloring With Carolin."

Robin Maria Pedrero paints the spirit and energy of life. Her vibrant poetic work depicts a combination of natural and imaginary elements. Born in Connecticut in 1964, Pedrero is an award winning artist with work in museum permanent collections, film, and collected worldwide.

Rebecca Reck is a German art director and illustrator. She is working on her first coloring book "enchantedworld" with fairies, fantastic creatures and more - which will be published end of April 2016.

Margaret Gates Root is the founder of the Feline Nutrition Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating pet parents about species-appropriate nutrition for cats. She has a degree in fine arts from UCLA and loves drawing, graphic design and, of course, cats.

Rae Shagalov is a Jewish artist, writer & calligrapher. You can find her books: "Joyfully Jewish: Family & Adult Coloring Book," "The Secret Art of Talking to God: 30 Day Creative Prayer Journal of Jewish Meditation," and the forthcoming "Kvetch & Color: Go From Oy to Joy," on Amazon.

Teri Sherman is a prolific artist who leans more towards the dark and gothic style, but also draws fairies, fantasy, flowers, animals, people and scenery too! She has one colouring book published through Blue Star Coloring via Amazon, titled "Gothic Halloween".

Tigerlynx is a British illustrator who works with both digital and traditional media. Her favouritesubjects include animals and nature, abstract art, pattern design and fantasy art.

Thiago Ultra is a coloring book artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, specially focused on creating uplifting designs.

Andreja Vucajnk loves to unleash creativity in many ways, drawing detailed coloring pages being one of her favorite hobbies.

John Ward is an illustrator in Tennessee. He divides his days between doing illustration work, chasing his young daughters, and trying to keep his wife and dachshund happy. He's also been known to spend an inordinate amount of time on social media.

Lin Watchorn (Kaylin) is a fine artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her style is very unique and she has often been compared to Salvador Dali or Tim Burton. Her original artwork is usually massive pencil drawings. Which are very dark and creepy! She loved to color as a kid, Which inspired her to publish "Animal Forest" Coloring book along with many others.

Agy Wilson When Agy isn't busy taking care of children, walking pets, she's an author, illustrator for children, learning new tech, formatting books for other authors and drawing coloring books. And creating run on sentences...

Spirit Wind Unique Fantasy Art Greyscale coloring books Beware: Faeries, Dragons and Goblins are running loose on our pages.

Ellen Wolters is from the Netherlands. Her mandalas are inspired by nature especially flowers. The shapes are open. Ellen loves to combine mandalas with tangling.

Jeanette Wummel is the creative mind behind The Roots of Design. She has been on a life long journey to share her art and imaginative passion with the world. She loves to create whimsical and geeky art. Her style is perfect to satisfy your inner child.