Adult Coloring Book Treasury 2 130 Illustrations from 70 Artists

Meet the Artists

Agy Wilson (1-2) Agy is an author and an illustrator for children. She enjoys formatting books for other authors and drawing coloring books.

Alice Best Jackson (3-4) Alice is an intuitive abstract artist, author, recovering divorce attorney, and proud grandma. Art by Ali images magically appear when colored. Find Imagery From Beyond Coloring Book series on Amazon; PDF pages in Etsy shop: Imagery From Beyond.

Amelia Gregory (5-6) Amelia creates Amelia’s Magazine. She studied printed textiles and since starting to colour has rediscovered her love of drawing. 'Gypsy Foxes' and 'Catwalk' will feature alongside her other drawings of whimsical animals in a new colouring book to be released in 2016.

Amelia Richard (7-8) Amelia Richard is an artist born and raised in Dallas, TX. She has a degree in interior design and did graphic design work for the past 4 years. She finds her inspiration from nature, dance and music. Her first book will be coming out in 2016.

Ana Linea by Ana Lidia González (9-10) Ana Linea (Ana Lidia González) is a Spanish designer who has enjoyed experimenting with drawing and geometry from childhood. This led her to study and work in architecture and in her spare time she creates seamless patterns based in geometry and knolling.

Andreja Vučajnk (11) Andreja, aka Lil’ Miss Doodle, loves to unleash her creativity in many different ways. She also loves cats, cake and above all annoying her “better” half.

Angela Tapley-Allmond (12-13) Angela Tapley-Allmond is the creative artist behind Allographics. She is an illustrator, graphic, and web designer and her first coloring book is Mandalas & Zen Inspired Doodles. Find her at and Facebook as AngelaAllmondArtist.

Anisa Claire (14-15) Anisa Claire, a.k.a J.A. Early Riser, is one of the artists in the Absur’D coloring book series. She co-owns Color On! Magazine, A Long Story Short, and Reader’s Carnival. On top of coloring, she also owns Writer’s Carnival, an online community for writers."

Annyce Turlea (16-17) Annyce Turlea is an Australian artist who uses art therapy to battle the pain and anxiety associated with fibromyalgia. Her personal challenge is to draw one picture a week for participants to colour. Join the challenge or purchase her original artwork.

Arts & Crackers by Ali Marie (18) Ali Marie is a quirky art and cow lover, mother to two energetic boys, and a proud military spouse. She runs the blog Arts & Crackers where she shares her recipes, crafts, and family life. On the side, she is getting ready to launch her first coloring book!

Asma Zergui (19-20) Asma Zergui is an Algerian obstetrician, aged 33, and mother of 2 kids. She has published many coloring books and is doing t-shirt designs as a hobby.

Barbara Lanza (21) Drawing graceful figures, flora and fauna has been Barbara Lanza’s focus. She has licensed the use of her art for children’s products, textiles and garden flags. She loves drawing fairies and just added a fairy tree to her garden.

Becky Dinnage (22-23) Becky Dinnage creates Ludicrous Prints: intricately illustrated, bright, colourful, pattern-filled, fantastical animal-inspired, limited-edition art prints, surface patterned products and self-published colouring pages. All available in her Etsy shop.

C. L. Aldridge (24-25) C. L. Aldridge is an artist/illustrator and former corporate professional. She has two published coloring books, Flowers and Dreams and Flower Inspirations. A third is due for release in August, 2016. She makes her home in Virginia Beach, VA.

C. Raven (26-27) Cecilia (CeCe to her friends) Raven grew up in the online world of Azeroth where she came in contact with many unusual cultures and learned a wide variety of acerbic insults. She has brought some of these insults to life with her Insult Books for Grownups.

Carla Chatterton (28) Carla Chatterton is the founder of Nightowls Creations. She decided to try her talent at making coloring books. She has published a coloring book called Spirographs and is currently working on some new ideas. She is a mother of 2 girls, and a farmer’s wife.

Casey “Keyesay” Gilmore (29-30) Casey is a biologist from Oklahoma and a fantasy and wildlife artist. She is passionate about environmental issues so she strives to use art to inspire a brighter future for our planet. Her most popular books are Endangered and Fantasia.

Chris Ousley (31-32) Chris is a painter and illustrator living in La Vergne, TN with his wife Diane, cat Mini Sue, and dog Lucky Marie. Chris is proficient in oil, acrylic, watercolors, pencil, and pen and ink. He also enjoys playing keyboards, fitness, and riding his motorcycle.

College Coloring Books by Pamela Auble (33) Your campus. Your buildings. Your traditions. College Coloring Books creates custom coloring books for colleges, universities, Greek organizations, and more! Ten percent of profits are donated back to each organization. Great for fundraisers!

Collette Renee Fergus (34-35) New Zealand artist Collette began her journey from fine art to the realm of illustration while recovering from cancer as painting became too difficult. She’s been hooked ever since. See her books at

Color Me Forum by Jade Elizabeth (36-37) Jade discovered a love for adult coloring by accident, and since then has been creating many unique coloring pages, working on her first book, and enjoying the community of amazing coloring artists like yourself.

Creative Coloring Books for Adults (38-39) Everyone loves to color in our world! Our coloring books are designed to spark the inner artist that resides in each one of us. Our coloring books contain mandalas, repeating patterns, and themed coloring pages created to be relaxing and fun! Come take a look!

Cristina McAllister (40-41) Cristina McAllister loves designing coloring pages. Her work melds inspiration, imagination, and graceful artistic flair to create engaging coloring experiences that encourage creative color play and result in unique and beautiful collaborative artworks.

Daniel de Sosa (42-43) Daniel de Sosa is a cartoonist who specializes in drawing animals and historic fantasy characters. He is a founding member of the indie publishing house Backwards Burd.

Ellen Million (44-45) Ellen Million has published fantasy coloring books for (so-called) grown-ups since 1997. She lives in Alaska with her husband and a dishtowel-stealing daughter. Find all her books, a free download, and embarrassing art archives at her website!

Hattifant by Manja Burton (46-47) Manja is most passionate about paper art and crafts. Her art addresses several generations with the goal to craft and colour together, to create in order to share, to inspire and nurture imagination. All this in combining colouring and crafting.

Heather Burns (48) Heather Burns is an American artist and illustrator living in Ireland. Get her book, State Flowers of the USA Coloring Book at and in book stores. She is also a calligrapher and photographer, with art on greeting cards and other products.

Heather Land (49-50) Heather is an avid animal lover which shows in her numerous animal-themed coloring books. She currently has 15 different pets — guinea pigs, chinchillas, soft fur rats, mice, Siberian chipmunks, a cat, and an 11-year-old Boston terrier named Lola.

Heidi Berthiaume (51-52) Finding few detailed, story-based coloring books, Heidi publishes her own. Vintage Coloring curates monthly adult coloring books of bygone art. Free pages posted on Fridays. Heidi is a Copic Certified Designer and author living in N. Texas.

Inge Dagmar Manders (53-54) Inge is a Dutch-born fine artist living in South Africa since 1987. She specializes in oil paint on metal leaf. Inge has exhibited in various galleries internationally and is now concentrating on creating a series of adult colouring books.

Ivette Ramos Levy (55-56) Ivette is a native of Mexico, an enthusiastic artist-illustrator living in Texas. Her passion for painting and illustration helps her to find the place where she can be herself.

Jason Hamilton (57-58) Jason Hamilton began his journey into coloring books in 2015 with Cats and Quilts. He now has four coloring books and more underway. Visit his website to see his line of books as well as tutorials and free illustrations you can print and color.

Jeanette Wummel (59-60) Jeanette Wummel is the creative mind behind The Roots of Design. She has been on a life-long journey to share her art and imaginative passion with the world. She loves to create whimsical and geeky art that is fun for all ages.

Jennifer Robinson (61-62) Jennifer Robinson is a Canadian artist, living in the small town of Fergus, Ontario. She loves meditation, nature, and all creations of art. With a passion for helping others, her beautiful illustrations are designed to remind women of their inner beauty and strength.

Jennifer Zimmermann (63-64) Jennifer Zimmermann is an artist and educator with a passion for animals and love of all things modern. Her first coloring book, Coloring Zen for the Stressed Out Modernist, is available on On Facebook:

Jenny Luan (65-66) Jenny Luan is a Christian artist who enjoys creating fine art and illustrations. Jenny’s work has won several art contests including Colored Pencil Magazine. Jenny enjoys creating different styles of coloring books and she enjoys coloring them.

Jo Toye (67) Jo Toye, a nationally recognized artist and workshop instructor, is author of Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting. She combined her love of cats and design to illustrate, Cat-a-Doodles, a litter of adorable felines to color and love.

Josephine Lipuma (68-69) Josephine Lipuma is a contemporary new media American artist, author, an online educator and SME. Her imagination is a surreal fantasy world she wants you to step into.

Julie Thompson (70-71) Julie Thompson’s art is known worldwide and her painted feathers are sought by collectors on five continents. Her fondness of research and detail has made coloring books a natural progression. Her submission is from her first hand drawn book Dragon Fancy.

Katie Darden (72-73) Katie’s images are digitally created or digitally manipulated from her original artwork. She’s on Facebook as Magical Design Studios, Etsy as Magical Design, Twitter as @MagicalDsign. Make her happy by posting your coloring of her images on her Facebook page.

Kelli Bannert (74-75) Kelli Bannert is a young adult artist who focuses on realism-based artwork, focusing on domesticated animals. She travels a good deal in her personal life, and she eagerly looks forward to where her creative and personal adventures will take her.

Ligia Ortega (76-77) Ligia has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She has a range of coloring books from kaleidoscopes to vintage grayscale. Her Coloring Gifts books combine coloring with taking time to pause and reflect about positive things in our busy lives.

Lin “Kaylin” Watchorn (78) Lin is an artist living in Utah. Her work is often compared to that of Salvador Dali. It’s very dark and unique.

Lindsay Graves (79-80) Lindsay’s art focuses mainly on nature in doodle style. She has recently published Woodland Animals: A Coloring Book for All Ages which is being reworked for a second edition, while the first edition is still available.

Margaret Gates Root (81-82) Margaret is the founder of the Feline Nutrition Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating pet parents about species-appropriate nutrition for cats. She has a degree in fine arts from UCLA and loves drawing, graphic design and, of course, cats.

Maria Castro (83-84) Maria Castro celebrates her childhood passion for arts with Color My Moods. Calming designs are printed on white or black background to suit your mood. Coloring journals and more coming soon. Sign up for freebies and tips:

Mark Gonyea (85-86) Born in New York seven years before he saw Star Wars for the first time, Mark spent the better portion of his early life watching TV, going to movies, and playing video games. This was essential ground work for a career in cartooning and graphic design.

Marty Woods (87) Marty Woods is a doodle artist from Malaysia known for his intricate, nature-infused black and white drawings. He has two coloring books with worldwide distribution titled Exotic Kingdom and Color the Rainforest.

Mary J. Winters-Meyer (88-89) Mary J. Winters-Meyer has been creative since childhood. In 2013, she started drawing mandala-inspired line art. In 2015, she created her first coloring book and launched Color On! Magazine, available in PDF or print issues.

Mary-Margaret Marx (90-91) Mary-Margaret Marx loves design, patterns, and color. When she is not coloring the world, Mary writes and tutors students. She lives in the Midwest USA where she thinks about life, explores books on her Kindle, and pursues her next great cup of coffee.

MauindiArts (92-93) Maui Indi is an Australian artist based in Sydney. Maui is an avid world traveler and draws inspiration from nature and spirituality. Maui’s hand-drawn illustrations appeal to all ages and offer a fulfilling way to relax through creative meditation.

Meg Cowley (94-95) Meg is a fantasy author and illustrator from England. Inspired by nature, fantasy art, and literature, she has published many novels, colouring books and illustration/graphic design projects. Meg is pro-dragons, and a margherita pizza/Earl Grey tea addict.

Melissa Dinwiddie (96-97) Melissa Dinwiddie is a passion pluralite artist, speaker, performer, and creativity instigator, who helps people reclaim their innate entitlement to creative play. She posts new art daily on her site and on Instagram at @a_creative_life.

Menucha CC (98-99) Menucha is a busy mom and crafter who survives on a steady drip of coffee! She shares her crafts, coloring pages, and insights on her blog Moms & Crafters.

Natalija Davydova (100-101) Natalija Davydova is United Kingdom-based artist and designer. She can see magical beauty in every creation and wants to share her vision of life with you.

Nerine Martin (102-103) Nerine Martin is a coloring book artist from Australia and military veteran. Her passion is to help others living with anxiety and depression through coloring her Mindfulness series of mandala and pattern coloring books in both black and white designs.

Olivia Julius Dunggat (104-105) Malaysia-based illustrator Olivia J. Dunggat is a self-taught artist who works mainly with black fineliners to illustrate whimsical tribal doodles. She draws inspiration from the rich cultural background of her tribe, Iban of Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo).

Patricia Burke (106-107) Patricia is an artist who loves doodling many things like florals, shoes, and fanciful beasts. Shoe-dles, her first release available on Amazon, is a fashionista's dream. She lives in the mountains of Montana with her husband, her 'lapadores,' and a grumpy cat.

Robin Pedrero (108-109) Robin Maria Pedrero is an award-winning artist with work in permanent museum collections, film, and collections worldwide. She loves to see your social media posts sharing your colored pictures from her coloring pages.

rockaDoodle Art by Heather Johnsgaard (110-111) Heather Johnsgaard is a self-taught artist/author. Her style spans from realism to whimsy and her creations and quirky humor are sure to make you smile. Her work is a joy to color, appealing to both kids and adults. Definitely an artist to watch out for!

Sarah Renae Clark (112-113) Sarah Renae Clark is an illustrator and designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She has seven adult coloring books available on Amazon and her website, including her books Coloring Through Cancer and A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers.

Scot Howden (114) Scot Howden is a contemporary artist from England. His work is popular among collectors from all over the world and can be found in a number of media including fine art limited-edition prints, clothing, calendars and greeting cards.

Shelah Dow (115-116) Shelah Dow is a fantasy watercolorist and jewelry designer with her own whimsical and unusual style. She published her first book, Blooming Meditations, and recently released her new unique fairy book, Weirdlings & Wildlings, with fairy cats coming soon!

Steve “Squidoodle” Turner (117-118) Doodle artist Steve “Squidoodle” Turner is a doodler as his nickname would suggest. His weapons of choice are common amongst this breed of illustrator — all his work is carried out using pens. Steve has six colouring books available on Amazon.

Sue Chastain (119-120) Sue Chastain is the artist for the OrnaMENTALs series of coloring books and pages. Find her books on Amazon and visit her website for downloadable pages. Join Sue’s News email list for inspiration, tips, free pages, and monthly coloring bundles.

Tabitha Barnett (121-122) Tabitha Barnett lives with her husband and two small children. In September 2015, she published her first coloring book and the adult coloring community welcomed her with open arms. With each new work, she is developing her own easily recognizable style.

Terra Bidlespacher [White Stag] (123-124) Stag is a lowbrow fantasy artist working primarily in acrylic paint with pieces in collections all over the world. Her art often features outcasts and seemingly nonsensical situations; sometimes dark and sometimes humorous.

Tigerlynx (125-126) Tigerlynx lives in the UK and works in both traditional and digital media. Her favourite subjects include animals, nature, patterns, and fantasy art. The abstract design in this book is from her new abstract art colouring book, coming Summer 2016.

Travis Baribeau (127-128) Travis Baribeau, a.k.a T.J. Crayons, is one of the artists in the Absur’D coloring book series. He does the covers for Color On! Magazine, A Long Story Short, Reader's Carnival, and the site artwork for Writer’s Carnival and Maniacal Confessions.

Trisha George (129-130) Trisha George is a self-taught artist who lives on the U.S. gulf coast with her husband and three children. She has loved art and drawing since she was a small child and loves that she can share her art with others through adult coloring books.